Sunday, 3 November 2013

My lastest parchment card

Hi everyone,
I thought I would share the latest parchment card I have done. I made this card for my best friends daughter, well she is more like a big sister than a friend and we are all very close. So I call her daughters my nieces.

Anyway, here is the card I made for Danielle's birthday. I like it and she was so pleased with it I got the biggest hug ever LOL

I used 2 siesta grids for this card. I cant remember the grid numbers but I will try and find them on the grids and let you know which ones they are.

The sprig on the side of the fan was a cutting from a flower arrangement piece. I know, not a very good description, but it is the best I can do LOL.

The top part of the card with the border, the ribbon is not actually ribbon. I cut 2 thin strips of parchment and coloured them with dorso colours and them threaded it into the border. I think this gives a lovely effect don't you.

I didn't put Happy Birthday on the card as she said she would love something that could be put in a frame. So that is why it just has 'Just for you' on it. Good idea don't you think

Anyway that is my latest card and I hope you have enjoyed looking at it.

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